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Recommender systems are becoming a salient part of many e-commerce websites. Much research has focused on advancing recommendation technologies to improve the accuracy of predictions, while behavioral aspects of using recommender systems are often overlooked. In this study, we explore how consumer preferences at the time of consumption are impacted by(More)
Prior research has shown that online recommendations have significant influence on users' preference ratings and economic behavior. Specifically, the self-reported preference rating (for a specific consumed item) that is submitted by a user to a recommender system can be affected (i.e., distorted) by the previously observed system's recommendation. As a(More)
  • William Hedgcock, Henry B Tip, Terry Childers, Shawn Curley, Deborah Roedder John, Hilke Plassmann +4 others
  • 2009
and the JMR review team for their comments on a previous version of this manuscript. The second author gratefully acknowledges the hospitality of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technol-ogy's Marketing Department for hosting him while he was on sabbatical, during which time this article was completed. This research reports on a cognitive(More)
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