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A coupled theory of fluid permeation and large deformations for elastomeric materials
Abstract An elastomeric gel is a cross-linked polymer network swollen with a solvent (fluid). A continuum-mechanical theory to describe the various coupled aspects of fluid permeation and largeExpand
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A thermo-mechanically-coupled large-deformation theory for amorphous polymers in a temperature range which spans their glass transition
Abstract Amorphous thermoplastic polymers are important engineering materials; however, their non-linear, strongly temperature- and rate-dependent elastic-viscoplastic behavior is still not very wellExpand
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Microstructured barbs on the North American porcupine quill enable easy tissue penetration and difficult removal
  • W. K. Cho, J. Ankrum, +9 authors J. Karp
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 10 December 2012
North American porcupines are well known for their specialized hairs, or quills that feature microscopic backward-facing deployable barbs that are used in self-defense. Herein we show that theExpand
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A thermo-mechanically coupled theory for fluid permeation in elastomeric materials: Application to thermally responsive gels
Abstract An elastomeric gel is a cross-linked polymer network swollen with a solvent, and certain gels can undergo large reversible volume changes as they are cycled about a critical temperature. WeExpand
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Printing ferromagnetic domains for untethered fast-transforming soft materials
Soft materials capable of transforming between three-dimensional (3D) shapes in response to stimuli such as light, heat, solvent, electric and magnetic fields have applications in diverse areas suchExpand
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A finite element implementation of a coupled diffusion-deformation theory for elastomeric gels
The theory of Chester and Anand (2011) for fluid diffusion and large deformations of elastomeric gels is implemented as a user-defined element (UEL) subroutine in the commercial finite element software package ABAQUS. Expand
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A thermo-mechanically coupled theory for large deformations of amorphous polymers. Part II: Applications
In this Part I, of a two-part paper, we present a detailed continuum-mechanical development of a thermo-mechanically coupled elasto-viscoplasticity theory to model the strain rate and temperatureExpand
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Mechanics of hard-magnetic soft materials
Abstract Soft materials that can undergo rapid and large deformation through the remote and wireless action of external stimuli offer a range of tantalizing applications such as soft robots, flexibleExpand
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A large-deformation gradient theory for elastic–plastic materials: Strain softening and regularization of shear bands
We present a large deformation gradient theory for rate-independent, isotropic elastic–plastic materials in which in addition to the standard equivalent tensile plastic strain ϵ¯p, a variable ep isExpand
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Thermally actuated shape-memory polymers: Experiments, theory, and numerical simulations
Abstract With the aim of developing a thermo-mechanically coupled large-deformation constitutive theory and a numerical-simulation capability for modeling the response of thermally actuatedExpand
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