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This study evaluated the relationship between primitive and scheme-driven grouping (A. S. Bregman, 1990) by comparing the ability of different listeners to detect single note changes in 3-voice musical compositions. Primitive grouping was manipulated by the use of 2 distinctly different compositional styles (homophony and polyphony). The effects of(More)
Network centric warfare promises to increase information sharing and allow distribution of decision making. This will improve military effectiveness, but only if the situational awareness (SA) of warfighters is correctly aligned. Modern natural language processing techniques, such as Network Text Analysis (Carley, 1993), are designed to infer the cognitive(More)
Microtext can be considered one form of micro-messaging which can include non-digital communications which have been digitized. We present our experiences and some results analyzing micro-messages in both military command and control (C2) and more general " C2-Lite " domains in order to predict other information such as the performance of a team, the topics(More)
Collaboration enables people to execute tasks that are beyond the capabilities of any one of them. Each member of an organization or team has a set of skills, roles, and responsibilities that, when executed accurately and in synchronization with other members of that organization or team, enables them to accomplish the work of the organization. In complex,(More)
Increased global interaction has led to increased communication between individuals with wide ranging linguistic experience. As a consequence, the ramifications of accent in speech production need to be better understood. It is plausible that differences in speech intelligibility due to accent type affect gross intelligibility in different ways. These(More)