Shawky Abo Alam

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Cisplatin is well known to cause cochleotoxicity. In order to determine the underlying mechanisms of cisplatin-induced cell death in the cochlea, we investigated the apoptotic changes and the expression of bcl-2 family proteins controlling apoptosis. Mongolian gerbils were administered 4 mg/kg/day cisplatin consecutively for 5 days. The cisplatin-treated(More)
Acute effects of kanamycin and/or furosemide administration on the stria vascularis of the guinea pig cochlea were assessed by distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE) and transmission electron microscopy. Kanamycin alone failed to affect the DPOAE levels and ultrastructural changes. Furosemide alone caused a rapid but reversible fall of the DPOAE(More)
Controlling of the oxygen delivery to mechanically ventilated hypoxic patients is a time intensive process that must balance adequate tissue oxygenation against possible toxic effects of oxygen exposure. Ventilator parameters usually affect patient respiratory status however; the inspired oxygen fraction is the dominant parameter. Human response times to(More)
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