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We consider the routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem on wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks without wavelength conversion. When the physical network and required connections are given, RWA is the problem to select a suitable path and wavelength among the many possible choices for each connection such that no two paths using the same(More)
WDM optical networks are high speed networks and provide enormous capacity. Survivability is very important issue in these networks. Survivability requires resources for handling the failures. So, efficient resource allocation strategy is required for survivability. In this paper, we have presented two resource allocation strategies for survivability. These(More)
To stay ahead in competition, software organizations have to deliver required functionality consistently guaranteed with high quality. The quality expectations of customers at purchase time from the software is the major reason of emergent attention of software organizations to implement quality management in software development. Nowadays, use of Component(More)
Software testing is the major process in software development life cycle. Regression testing is very costly and inevitable activity that is to be performed in a restricted environment to ensure the validity of modified software. It is inefficient to rerun every test case from test suite when some kind of modification is done in the software. Test case(More)
In Modern era, every business is dependent on the Internet. The Network is growing so quickly that now at this stage no one can ever imagine anything without use of internet. But at the same time security over network is very important because of the vulnerability of data to eavesdropping. To protect the data from eavesdropping, it must be appropriately(More)
Day by day, wireless communication popularity growing fast, it has led wireless communication data rates higher and made its prices cheaper, that's why wireless communication is growing so fast. The latest technological demands now a day's arising from laptops, wireless devices such as wireless local area networks (LANs) etc. In this paper we compared(More)
Component based software engineering (CBSE) is a pivotal approach to software development since it helps to give much aspired benefits like reusability, on-time delivery, high quality at low cost to software companies. Therefore, individual software components must be selected with care as these are crucial to the success of the CBSE approach. The selection(More)
Cloud computing technology, its component and various storage strategies is emerging today. All Industries are moving towards cloud due to its fast and scalable in nature. Further a data sharing is possible in between the organization or in group of people. There is technique which uses encryption technique, data access control or verification of users(More)