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This paper presents a new approach to enhance the contrast of color images. The intensity component of Hue, Saturation and Intensity (HSV) color model is fuzzified using Global intensification operator (GINT). A new objective measure called contrast information factor is introduced which is optimized using particle swarm optimization technique to learn the(More)
This paper presents two software tools MATLAB & LabVIEW as an educational platform to learn control system in time domain and frequency domain for continuous time and discrete time systems. It provides an hands-on exercise on both the software for the control engineers to create transfer function in continuous and discrete domain, conversion from(More)
Digital data is gaining importance in communication domain. Thus, a simplest approach to correct the yellowness and foxing in pages of antique historical data is proposed here. This is the simplest approach to recover the data in digital form, is less expensive and doesn't require any trained personnel to perform the task. Digital reproductions are a(More)
A highly overexposed color image is characterized by high brightness, low chromaticity and loss of detail. In this paper, a fuzzy based enhancement approach is developed to improve contrast and lightness. The brightness and color relative to the brightness of a similarly illuminated white are corrected by selecting the fuzzy operators. Hue, Saturation and(More)
This paper explores different medical image fusion methods and their comparison to find out which fusion method gives better results based on the performance parameters. Here medical images of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) images are fused to form new image. This new fused image improves the information content for diagnosis.(More)
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