Shaunna Morris

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Diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's disease (AD) involving tropicamide blockade of cholinergic oculomotor functions were examined in AD patients (n=15), Parkinson's disease (PD) patients (n=15), and non-clinical control (NC) participants (n=15). Pupillographic methods were used to measure pupil diameter and pupillary light reflexes after double-blind ocular(More)
We used transcranial Doppler ultrasonography to determine whether intracranial blood velocities in 182 headache-free migraineurs (60 with aura, 122 without aura) differed from velocities in 38 nonheadache prone control subjects. During the headache-free period, migraineurs with and without aura had significantly elevated mean velocities in all intracranial(More)
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