Shaunita J Sharpe

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Evidence from several sources indicates that the photoreceptors of rabbit retina include rods, green cones and blue cones, and that blue-green color opponency occurs in select retinal ganglion cells. One of us (Famiglietti) has identified wide-field cone bipolar cells as probable blue-cone-selective bipolars, and type C horizontal cells as possibly(More)
We demonstrate efficient four-wave mixing in low-pressure molecular deuterium without the need for phase matching. We use two laser fields with opposite circular polarizations to produce a strong excitation of a rovibrational transition at a frequency of 3167 cm(-1) . The coherent molecular motion, in turn, modulates a third laser field (also circularly(More)
We assessed whether saline, sterile water, or air better maintained filling volume and diameter in a veterinary silicone Foley bulb. The bulbs of 45 8-French silicone Foley catheters were inflated: 15 with 5 mL of sterile water (SW bulbs), 15 with 0.9% saline (S bulbs), and 15 with air (A bulbs). The bulbs were submerged in 30 mL of synthetic urine in a 50(More)
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