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I The continuous faecal marker chromic oxide, Cr,O,, and the intermittent marker brilliant blue were used together in metabolic balance studies of calcium and magnesium in two young women. 3. Balances of Ca and Mg derived by the four methods of obtaining faecal output were compared. 4. Recovery of ingested CrzOs in the faeces appeared complete in(More)
We assessed whether saline, sterile water, or air better maintained filling volume and diameter in a veterinary silicone Foley bulb. The bulbs of 45 8-French silicone Foley catheters were inflated: 15 with 5 mL of sterile water (SW bulbs), 15 with 0.9% saline (S bulbs), and 15 with air (A bulbs). The bulbs were submerged in 30 mL of synthetic urine in a 50(More)
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