Shauna Eggers

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Visualization techniques have proven to be critical in helping crime analysis. By interviewing and observing Criminal Intelligence Officers (CIO) and civilian crime analysts at the Tucson Police Department (TPD), we found that two types of tasks are important for crime analysis: crime pattern recognition and criminal association discovery. We developed two(More)
Among the primary mesenchymal tumors of the hypopharynx and larynx lipomas are very rare, as they often look macroscopically like retention cysts. Up today approximately 112 cases have been described in literature. We present two further cases of laryngeal lipomas, which were removed endoscopically and by an external approach. Both patients were free of(More)
PURPOSE Retrieving sufficient relevant information online is difficult for many people because they use too few keywords to search and search engines do not provide many support tools. To further complicate the search, users often ignore support tools when available. Our goal is to evaluate in a realistic setting when users use support tools and how they(More)
BACKGROUND In 1997, Benninger developed the Rhinosinusitis Disability Index (RSBI) for patients who suffered from chronic sinusitis. Its content related validity and construct related validity were established, as were its sensitivity and reliability. The aim of our study is to introduce a concept to measure quality of life in these patients according to(More)
Automatic tools to extract information from biomedical texts are needed to help researchers leverage the vast and increasing body of biomedical literature. While several biomedical relation extraction systems have been created and tested, little work has been done to meaningfully organize the extracted relations. Organizational processes should consolidate(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic absorption of iodinated contrast material occurs during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), the clinical significance of which has not yet been determined. METHODS Urinary iodine excretion was measured before and after coronary angiography (n = 20) and ERCP (n = 12). Thyroid hormone levels were determined before(More)
The design of many-core-on-a-chip has allowed renewed an intense interest in parallel computing. On implementation part, it has been seen that most of applications are not able to use enough parallelism in parallel register sharing architecture. The exploitation of potential performance of superscalar processors has shown that processor is fed with(More)
Explosive growth in biomedical research has made automated information extraction, knowledge integration, and visualization increasingly important and critically needed. The Arizona BioPathway (ABP) system extracts and displays biological regulatory pathway information from the abstracts of journal articles. This study uses relations extracted from more(More)
The Genescene development team has constructed an aggregation interface for automatically-extracted biomedical pathway relations that is intended to help researchers identify and process relevant information from the vast digital library of abstracts found in the National Library of Medicine's PubMed collection. Users view extracted relations at various(More)