Shauna Dae Phillips

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Fenestrations of cerebral arteries other than the anterior communicating artery are rare congenital anomalies, which may be associated with saccular aneurysms. In such cases, the aneurysms may be located at the fenestration itself or may involve other intracranial vessels. This kind of association is not infrequently the cause of angiographic diagnostic(More)
Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus predisposes to a range of different and unusual infections, including epidural and psoas abscesses. However, they occur mainly in adults with longstanding diabetes. We report the case of a 12 year old boy who presented with diabetic ketoacidosis and low back pain, and was subsequently diagnosed with both a left psoas(More)
In the past 20 years, there has been increasing recognition that for some women, pregnancy may be burdened with mood problems, in particular depression, that may impact both mother and child. With identification of risk factors for postpartum depression and a growing knowledge about a biologic vulnerability for mood change following delivery, research has(More)
Ameloblastoma is an aggressive locally recurring neoplasm of odontogenic epithelium. We describe a case of a mandibular ameloblastoma with a 17-year history of local recurrences followed by two metachronous intracranial metastases. Central nervous system metastasis without pulmonary involvement is previously unreported in a living patient with(More)
Women are at significantly higher risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than men, resulting in increased psychosocial burden and healthcare related costs. Recent research has shown complex interactions between the impact of traumatic experiences, and the reproductive lifecycle in women. For example, women suffering from premenstrual(More)