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Method representation in most object-oriented programing languages is too procedural and less declarative and expressive. Logic programming with declarative semantics can contribute a lot to the expressiveness of representing methods. Therefore, it is very desirable to combine logic programming and object-oriented programming to get the advantages of both.(More)
Many websites use CAPTCHA to defend against malicious automated programs from performing abusive tasks such as illegitimate account registration. CAPTCHA is widely used on commercial websites as a HIP system due to its simplicity of use and effectiveness against attacks. Over the years advances in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and techniques(More)
1. Introduction. R concurrent algorithm for finding the fewest number of queens needed to "cover" the nxn chessboard, 1.~n~<8, is given here in the Modcap programming language. This algorithm is a straightforward generalization of a good serial algorithm and uses concurrency at two levels: $1MD and MIMD. The Hodcap language is well suited for coding this(More)
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