Shaun T. Love

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Image quality loss resulting from artifacts depends on the nature and strength of the artifacts as well as the context or background in which they occur. In order to include the impact of image context in assessing artifact contribution to quality loss, regions must first be classified into general categories that have distinct effects on the subjective(More)
The isometries of AdS 5 space and supersymmetric AdS 5 ⊗ S 1 space are non-linearly realized on four dimensional Minkowski space. The resultant effective actions in terms of the Nambu-Goldstone modes are constructed. The dilatonic mode governing the motion of the Minkowski space probe brane into the co-volume of supersymmetric AdS 5 space is found to be(More)
A fine tuned hierarchy between a strongly coupled high energy compos-iteness scale and a much lower chiral symmetry breaking scale is a requisite ingredient in many models of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking. Using a nonperturbative continuous Wilson renormalization group equation approach, we explore the stability of such a hierarchy against quantum(More)