Shaun Slattery

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Networked environments, such as wikis, are commonly used to support work, including the collaborative authoring of information and "fact-building." In networked environments, the activity of fact-building is mediated not only by the technological features of the interface, but also by the social conventions of the community it supports. This paper examines(More)
OVERVIEW This chapter presents narratives of graduate student experience, framed by the history, purposes, and collaborative research goals of the Writing in Digital Environments Research Center. The authors argue that these narratives provide English studies professionals with a unique view of how a research center can contribute to graduate student(More)
a quarterly review of waterfowl, wetland and conservation literature Volume 15, Number 4 selected by the Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research Publications below are available by contacting Ian Glass at the IWWR Library (204-467-3276, 2014. Random placement models predict species-area relationships in duck communities despite(More)
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