Shaun Slattery

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Networked environments, such as wikis, are commonly used to support work, including the collaborative authoring of information and "fact-building." In networked environments, the activity of fact-building is mediated not only by the technological features of the interface, but also by the social conventions of the community it supports. This paper examines(More)
Studies of workplace communication have shown numerous communication events can surround the production of a single target document. Not only must team members coordinate design decision-making and the production of documentation, individual authors must often coordinate multiple textual resources in order to make their own contribution to the team process.(More)
Pneumothorax was noted after an arthroscopic procedure during which a small guidewire overpenetrated the glenoid from a posterior-superior direction. This anatomic study was undertaken to determine the structures at risk from pins overpenetrating from the posterior-superior aspect and to determine whether scapulothoracic position altered the risk. The(More)
Academia can be an isolating experience. As a newly minted Ph.D., I’ve spent the last few years engaged (absorbed?) in the dissertation and job-hunt processes, both of which are known to produce an unhealthy isolation. But my study of the composing processes of technical writers and how they manage writing in complex information environments put me in touch(More)
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