Shaun R Berry

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A study was conducted to investigate electrowetting reversibility associated with repeated voltage actuations for an aqueous droplet situated on a silicon dioxide insulator coated with an amorphous fluoropolymer film ranging in thickness from 20 to 80 nm. The experimental results indicate that irreversible trapped charge may occur at the aqueous-solid(More)
Methods for accurately characterizing aerosols are required for detecting biological warfare agents. Currently, fluorescence-based biological agent sensors provide adequate detection sensitivity but suffer from high false-alarm rates. Combining single-particle fluorescence analysis with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) provides additional(More)
This paper investigates the nonideal electrowetting behavior of thin fluoroploymer films. Results are presented for a three phase system consisting of: (1) an aqueous water droplet containing sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), (2) phosphorous-doped silicon topped with SiO2 and an amorphous fluoroploymer (aFP) insulating top layer on which the droplet is(More)
This study presents methods for engineering the electrocapillary behavior of fluoropolymer surfaces through the use of surfactants and an external insulating liquid. By the scaling of the appropriate surface energies, electrocapillary behavior is obtained at a record low voltage, with contact angle changes in excess of 100 degrees at 4 V. A consistent(More)
We have previously shown through simulation that an optical beam deflector based on the Pancharatnam (geometric) phase can provide high efficiency with up to 80° deflection using a dual-twist structure for polarization-state control [Appl. Opt.54, 10035 (2015)]. In this report, we demonstrate that its optical performance is as predicted and far beyond what(More)
The development of a low-temperature method of producing bioactive coatings for medical implants has been shown to bypass the problems associated with high temperature processing routes, in particular the appearance of amorphous phases and non-stoichiometric hydroxyapatite (HA), and delamination of the coating from the substrate. An electric field/aqueous(More)
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