Shaun Pather

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With the continued growing investment in WWW technologies by e-Commerce businesses the measurement of Information Systems (IS) effectiveness in this business sector has become increasingly important over the last decade. As business users, especially in the SME sector, have become reliant on outsourced IS service providers for a wide range of services, the(More)
Over the years business researchers have been challenged in their quest to develop evaluation models and instruments to evaluate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) effectiveness. In the current era in which ICT4D (ICT for Development) has been firmly entrenched on the social and development agenda, researchers have been confronted with the same(More)
Over the past decade the World Wide Web (WWW) has had far reaching implications on the way in which information is shared, and services are rendered by both public and private organisations. One important issue on the research agenda has been the adoption of the web by the public sector, in the form of electronic government or e-government. Previous studies(More)
Over the past decade, many developing countries have initiated programs that provide public access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) as key components of their strategies for social and economic development. However different countries have had varying levels of success. In this paper we present a comparative analysis of public access ICT(More)
Over a period spanning approximately twenty five years IS researchers have been plagued by the problem of how to evaluate IS effectiveness or success. After the advent of the WWW in the 1990s, questions have arisen regarding the relevance of previously established evaluation approaches to the evaluation of web-based IS. In this paper, we describe a holistic(More)