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The P-300 event-related brain potential was monitored during simulated traffic signal tasks for 10 subjects who were tested at three levels of mean blood alcohol content: 0.00%, 0.06%, and 0.13%. A significant increase in latency occurred for the 0.13% level indicating that an increased mental processing time was required to determine if a red or a green(More)
—We consider an approach to analysing the Stochas-tic Volatility of a financial time series using the Generalised Kolmogorov-Feller Equation (GKFE). After reviewing the computation of the Stochastic Volatility using a phase only condition , a Green's function solution to the GKFE equation is derived which depends upon the 'memory function' used to construct(More)
Various factors have been identified that influence the robust phenomenon of novelty preference in infants. The present study consisted of two experiments that investigated whether conditioned 'value' is another variable that influences infants' preferences. In Experiment 1, novelty preference was established to simple tones despite the tones differing only(More)
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