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Exact From-Region Visibility Culling
To pre-process a scene for the purpose of visibility culling during walkthroughs it is necessary to solve visibility from all the elements of a finite partition of viewpoint space. Many conservativeExpand
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Hardware Accelerated Visibility Preprocessing using Adaptive Sampling
We present a novel aggressive visibility preprocessing technique for general 3D scenes. Our technique exploits commodity graphics hardware and is faster than most conservative solutions, whileExpand
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A low dimensional framework for exact polygon-to-polygon occlusion queries
Despite the importance of from-region visibility computation in computer graphics, efficient analytic methods are still lacking in the general 3D case. Recently, different algorithms have appearedExpand
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Fast and Accurate Visibility Preprocessing
Visibility culling is a means of accelerating the graphical rendering of geometric models. Invisible objects are efficiently culled to prevent their submission to the standard graphics pipeline. ItExpand
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Aggressive Visibility Pre-processing with Adaptive Sampling
At the expense of a small error in visibility classification, we remove all invisible polygons. Thresholding and heuristics allows fine control over the behaviour of this error. Our technique isExpand
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Accelerating ray shooting through aggressive 5D visibility preprocessing
We present a new approach to accelerating general ray shooting. Our technique uses a five-dimensional ray space partition and is based on the classic ray-classification algorithm. Where the originalExpand
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Hierarchical level of detail optimization for constant frame rate rendering of radiosity scenes
The predictive hierarchical level of detail optimization algorithm of Mason and Blake is experimentally evaluated in the form of a practical application to hierarchical radiosity. In a novel approachExpand