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The ganglion is the most common soft tissue tumor of the hand and wrist, originating from the joint capsule or tendon sheath. Accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of these entities require a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the wrist and hand as well as of the ganglion itself. Definitive therapy is based on total surgical removal of the cyst and its(More)
Historically, tissue expansion is a prolonged process, typically requiring at least 6 weeks to complete. Recently, interest has increased in shortening this time period. In the current study, a continuous infusion device maintaining constant expander pressure less than capillary filling pressure was used in a canine model in seven dogs to minimize the time(More)
Nineteen patients have undergone partial hepatectomy for metastatic colorectal carcinoma at UCLA during the past ten years, including five trisegmentectomies (TS), eight lobectomies (L), and six segmentectomies (SG), with only one (5.3%) mortality. Twelve lesions were solitary (S) and seven multiple (M). Mean survival is 27.4 months, with three patients(More)
On-site testing of 157 poultry processors disclosed that 50% had three or more abnormal upper extremity findings out of a total of 22 possibles. The average worker had five to six abnormal findings. Impaired pinch strength, decreased vibration sensitivity in the fingertips, and reports of current numbness were the most prevalent. Of workers with signs, 25%(More)
We describe an adolescent girl with symptoms secondary to bilateral, symmetrical ganglion cysts of the scaphoid bones. From the roentgenographic and operative findings, it was believed that the cysts were the penetrating type. The patient is among the youngest reported with carpal bone ganglion cysts and the first with bilateral scaphoid cysts completely(More)
Free transplantation of the serratus anterior muscle has allowed salvage or reconstruction of difficult hand injuries with advantages compared to traditional methods. Free muscle tissue adds vascularity to poorly vascularised and potentially infected wounds and allows hand elevation and early mobilisation. Dynamic reinnervation is possible with segmental(More)
Wrist injuries causing coincident disruptions of the scapholunate and lunotriquetral ligaments commonly result in perilunate dislocations. This article (1) describes our management of eight patients with wrist pain after coincident scapholunate and lunotriquetral ligament disruptions in the absence of perilunate dislocation; and (2) reports the results of(More)
This study examines the effects of graded reduction in regional coronary perfusion and changes in arterial oxygen concentration upon regional myocardial function and left ventricular function. In 14 open chest dogs, the distal left anterior descending coronary artery was cannulated and perfused at different pressures with blood equilibrated with either 21(More)