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Racial Profiling by Store Clerks and Security Personnel in Retail Establishments
This article examines Shopping While Black (SWB), which is the practice of racial profiling in retail settings. The study couches this form of racial profiling under the following three
Career choices and characteristics of African-American undergraduates majoring in criminal justice at historically black colleges and universities
Recent research has shown that African-Americans at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have increasingly selected criminal justice/criminology as their field of study and career
A Theory of African American Offending: Race, Racism, and Crime
Preface Acknowledgements 1. Introduction African Americans and the Criminal Justice System The Uniqueness of Being Black in America: The need for a Black Criminology The African American Heritage A
Race, Gender, and the Perception of Recently Experiencing Unfair Treatment by the Police: Exploratory Results From an All-Black Sample
Using a national poll with a representative sample of Blacks (N = 854), this article examined the experiences of those Blacks who believe that they had recently been treated unfairly by the police.
The Role of Race/Ethnicity and Race Relations on Public Opinion Related to the Treatment of Blacks by the Police
Previous research has identified strong effects of race on the evaluations of police performance. This research expands on past research by investigating public opinion related to Black treatment by
The Influence of Race/Ethnicity on the Perceived Prevalence and Support for Racial Profiling at Airports
This article explores citizens' views on racial profiling at airports. A recent Gallup poll allowed for analyses of the perception of Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites concerning whether they felt racial
Living While Black
This article examines the effects of select social stressors on the quality of life among Black Americans. Specifically, the authors created a state-level Living While Black index, which includes the