Shaun Fitzgibbons

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We propose a regularized, fast, and robust analytical solution for the Q-ball imaging (QBI) reconstruction of the orientation distribution function (ODF) together with its detailed validation and a discussion on its benefits over the state-of-the-art. Our analytical solution is achieved by modeling the raw high angular resolution diffusion imaging signal(More)
High angular resolution diffusion imaging has recently been of great interest in characterizing non-Gaussian diffusion processes. One important goal is to obtain more accurate fits of the apparent diffusion processes in these non-Gaussian regions, thus overcoming the limitations of classical diffusion tensor imaging. This paper presents an extensive study(More)
We propose a simple and straightforward analytic solution for the Q-ball reconstruction of the diffusion orientation distribution function (ODF) of the underlying fiber population. First, the signal is modeled with a high order spherical harmonic series using a Laplace-Beltrami regularization method which leads to an elegant mathematical simplification of(More)
Due the well-known limitations of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), high angular resolution diffusion imaging is currently of great interest to characterize voxels containing multiple fiber crossings. In particular, Q-ball imaging (QBI) is now a popular reconstruction method to obtain the orientation distribution function (ODF) of these multiple fiber(More)
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