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The article reviews standardization methods commonly employed to adjust for response bias in cross-cultural research. First, different standardization procedures are reviewed and a classification scheme is provided. Standardization procedures are classified according to the statistical information used (means, standard deviation) and the source of this(More)
Measures of workers' inhalable dust exposures, tasks, and ventilation use were made in five small woodworking shops prior to the start of an intervention effectiveness study aimed at lowering personal wood dust exposures. The data were used to (1) design a sampling protocol for an intervention success measure, (2) identify targets for intervention among the(More)
BACKGROUND A planning model was used to guide the design of a randomized controlled study of the effectiveness of tailored interventions in lowering dust exposures in small woodworking shops. METHODS Guided by Green's PRECEDE-PROCEED model, we used a planning committee, focus groups and a pilot study to gain information on small woodworking shops, causes(More)
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