Shaughna Bishop

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BACKGROUND This was a multicenter investigation examining the efficacy of 4 psychosocial treatments for cocaine-dependent patients. METHODS Four hundred eighty-seven patients were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 manual-guided treatments: individual drug counseling plus group drug counseling (GDC), cognitive therapy plus GDC, supportive-expressive therapy plus(More)
Singlet oxygen formation by photosystem II reaction centers isolated from Pisum sativum has been detected by two chemical trapping techniques: histidine-dependent oxygen uptake and bleaching of p-nitrosodimethyl-aniline by the intermediary endoperoxide of histidine. The quantum yield of singlet oxygen formation determined by these methods was estimated to(More)
We examined the relationship of sleep disturbance and demographic, mental health, drug use and other factors among 225 methadone-maintained individuals. The cohort was 78% Caucasian and 54% male with a mean age of 41 years. Sleep disturbance was measured using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) with a score >5 indicating poor global sleep quality.(More)
We report an extensive study which compares cognitive therapy, antidepressant drugs and a combination of these two, in depressed patients seen either in general practice or an out-patient department. One-hundred and forty patients were screened for primary major depression and 64 patients completed the trial. All were rated on seven measures of mood,(More)
Depressed patients who had responded to either cognitive therapy, pharmacotherapy or the 2 treatments combined, were followed up retrospectively over a period of 2 years. There were significantly more relapses at 6 months in the pharmacotherapy group compared to the combined treatment group and the 2 cognitive therapy groups together. The number of(More)
It has been proposed that suicidal wishes in depressed patients can be reduced by modifying hopelessness (Beck et al., 1979). Hopelessness, as measured by Beck's Hopelessness Scale, has been shown to correlate strongly with suicidal indices in clinical groups. However, normative data from depressed patients are lacking. Moreover, it has yet to be shown that(More)
In this study, a model of certain aspects of religiosity, social support, and depressive symptomatology that would examine how African Americans may be, differentially, protected from suicide was proposed. Intrinsic religiosity was found to be negatively related to depressive symptoms which were positively related to suicide ideation in a sample of 459(More)
Spontaneous quitters are prepregnancy smokers who quit by the time of their first antenatal visit. We recruited 192 self-declared spontaneous quitters and 407 smokers at their first visit to the antenatal clinic at the Royal Women's Hospital during April, 1994-May, 1995. Spontaneous quitters made up 23% of prepregnancy smokers. Information about(More)
Immunoactive inhibin (ir-inhibin) concentrations in maternal serum during normal human pregnancy have been established in two separate studies employing cross-sectional and longitudinal sampling regimes. Ir-inhibin concentrations rose from the mid-luteal phase (geometric mean + 95% confidence intervals 1.490 (1.086-2.028) U mL-1) to peak at week 11 of(More)
By measuring time-resolved luminescence emission at 1270 nm, we have detected singlet oxygen formation by illuminated, reaction centers of photosystem II isolated from Pisum sativum, which is in agreement with earlier work (Macpherson, A. N., Telfer, A., Barber, J., & Truscott, T. G. (1993) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1143, 301-309). In this paper we show that(More)