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Image segmentation is an indispensable process in the visualization of human tissues, particularly during clinical analysis of brain magnetic resonance (MR) images. For many human experts, manual segmentation is a difficult and time consuming task, which makes an automated brain MR image segmentation method desirable. In this regard, this paper presents a(More)
This paper presents a segmentation method, integrating judiciously the merits of rough-fuzzy computing and multiresolution image analysis technique, for documents having both text and graphics regions. It assumes that the text and non-text regions of a given document are considered to have different textural properties. The M-band wavelet packet is used to(More)
Dermoscopy is a suitable diagnostic technique for biology observation of pigmented skin lesions used in dermatology. Nowdays there is great interest in the prospects for methods of automatic image analysis for dermoscopy image, it Provide quantitative information about the lesion, which can be of link the doctor, and as a standalone early warning tool. This(More)
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