Shashwati Mishra

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Block matching motion estimation is the essence of video coding systems. Therefore, development of an efficient method for fast motion estimation is the basic requirement of the video encoder design. Block based motion estimation algorithms are used to reduce the memory requirements of any video file and also decrease computational complexity. We have been(More)
Manifold learning techniques are used to preserve the original geometry of dataset after reduction by preserving the distance among data points. MDS (Multidimensional Scaling), ISOMAP (Isometric Feature Mapping), LLE (Locally Linear Embedding) are some of the geometrical structure preserving dimension reduction methods. In this paper, we have compared MDS(More)
Dimension reduction techniques are used to obtain a reduced representation of the data that maintains the integrity of the original data. ISOMAP (Isometric Feature Mapping) is one of the dimension reduction techniques, which is a nonlinear generalization of Classical MDS (Multi-Dimensional Scaling) and works well both for real world and artificial data. It(More)
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