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Mutational analysis of microbial hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA hydratase-lyase (HCHL) towards enhancement of binding affinity: A computational approach.
Improving the industrial enzyme for better yield of the product is important and a challenging task. One of such important industrial enzymes is microbial Hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA hydratase-lyase (HCHL).Expand
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Biotransformation of eugenol to vanillin by a novel strain Bacillus safensis SMS1003
Abstract Due to the extensive applications of vanillin as flavored compound and increasing consumers concern for its natural and environment friendly mode of production, present work was focused onExpand
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Bioconversion of toxic micropollutant triclosan to 2,4-dichlorophenol using a wastewater isolate Pseudomonas aeruginosa KS2002
Triclosan, a commonly available pesticide, has emerged as a ubiquitous pollutant posing a major threat to the environment. Here we have isolated a wastewater microorganism, Pseudomonas aeruginosaExpand
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