Shashwati Banerjea

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In recent time, HBase is growing with its requirement as data exploding in E-world. Hadoop provide distributed manner and taking technology to next level as it is using HBase to store bulk data. HBase works with Hadoop to transfer data to datanodes. As traditionally large file need to split for performing operations but MapReduce provide facility to do(More)
In last few years, cloud computing has emerged as a popular alternative to satisfy the computing requirement of users. To support large number of users which is increasing very fast, the cloud service providers are forced to deploy more number of machines continuously. On the other hand, it has been observed that there are large number of machines(More)
The growth of data at an unprecedented rate poses challenge on its storage and analysis. To cope up with this, new machines are procured on a regular basis. On the other hand, a lot of computing resources in Institute labs, government offices etc. remain underutilized, since they are used for Internet and basic utilities. The aggregation of these(More)