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We report a case of benign osteoblastoma of the temporal bone and a review of the literature. Osteoblastoma is a rare bony tumor that usually develops in the long bones or in the vertebral column. To our knowledge, this is the fourth reported case of benign osteoblastoma confined to the temporal bone, and it is the second such reported case to include(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is the preferred imaging modality for evaluating internal derangement of the knee, due to its superior soft tissue contrast resolution, multiplanar imaging capability, and lack of ionizing radiation. The superb image quality facilitates learning of normal imaging anatomy and conceptualizing spatial relationships of anatomic(More)
This article discusses anatomic relationships, anatomic variants, and MRI protocols that pertain to the foot and ankle. MR images with detailed anatomic description form the cornerstone of this article. The superb image quality will facilitate learning normal imaging anatomy, as well as conceptualizing spatial relationships of anatomic structures.
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