Shashikant R. Sawant

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In this paper we have applied radial basis function neural networks for equalization of wireless channel in the presence of additive noise. We have been tested the adaptive filter algorithms of simple Kalman filter, extended Kalman filter, rbfn Kalman filter, rbfn extended Kalman filter, fuzzy Kalman filter and fuzzy extended Kalman filter which might be(More)
Hierarchical routing architecture partitions the whole network in to a group of cluster and only cluster head is responsible for forwarding the data to base station. In this work, we have considered the concept of heterogeneity as in Stable Election Protocol (SEP). In heterogeneous environment, a percentage of the population of sensor nodes is equipped with(More)
Inverter probably forms the only solution to an individual customer in need of high quality of power for critical loads. In this paper simulation study of inverter designed with 50 Hz transformers Sub topology has been reported. The results reported in the paper are based on the actual design of SPWM inverter and it's simulation carried out based on(More)
As of date, wireless communication is one of the most demanding areas of research within networking, with many proposed, but unverified protocols. The success of the proposed protocols depends on the availability of robust implementations that enable both real-time test beds and non-real time simulations. Wireless ad-hoc network is a collection of mobile(More)
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