Shashikant Lokhande

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– Eye disease detection is very important for medical researchers because it may causes blindness. Glaucoma is one of the diseases that cause blindness. Standard procedure for glaucoma detection is to analysis of optic disk (OD). In this paper, introduce an automatic OD parameterized technique which is based on segmentation and Incremental Cup segmentation.(More)
Real time internet traffic classification is imperative for service discrimination, network security and network monitoring. Classification of traffic depends on initial first few network packets of full flows of captured IP traffic. Practically, the real world framework situation expects correct conclusion of classification well before a flow has ended(More)
— The demands and needs for faster and low cost memories are increasing per individual day. Therefore, a higher performance DRAM is required by the market due to increasing bandwidth of networks and the rise of high-capacity multimedia content. Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) has continually evolved over the years to keep up with(More)
In recent years, pedestrian detection (PD) plays a vital role in a variety of applications such as security cameras, automotive control and so forth. These applications require two essential features, i.e. high speed performance and high accuracy. Firstly, the accuracy is determined by how the image features are described. The image feature description must(More)
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