Shashidhar S Gokhale

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Mostly induction motors have common range of application in many industries and tractions. Thus, the control of induction motor gains popularity and seeks attention of researchers in recent years. Direct torque control (DTC) is one of the methods for the control action of induction motor efficiently. This paper presents DTC of three phase squirrel cage(More)
Optimization of over current relay settings is a major problem in protection of electrical power systems. This paper describes the Firefly algorithm for optimal time coordination of these relays. The algorithm has been implemented in MATLAB and tested on a radial system, as well as a single end fed system with a parallel feeder. The results obtained by the(More)
Over-current relays provide primary as well as backup protection to electrical distribution systems. These relays should be coordinated and set at the near optimum values, to minimize the total operating time and hence ensure that least damage is caused when a fault occurs. While they provide backup protection, it is also imperative to ensure that their(More)
The aim of this thesis is the development of a complete framework for modeling and optimization for stationary base engine calibration. There already exist a lot of approaches and algorithms for this topic. However, in the literature the different methods are often examined separately and a comprehensive overview of all different methods does not exist(More)
-In this paper, a novel approach is presented to take care for the design of linear quadratic regulator (LQR) problem for the selection of Q and R matrices in the theory of optimal control for the speed control of DC motor. Detailed Investigations have been carried out to a general second order system and the characteristic equation of the controlled system(More)
This paper presents the simulation of multilevel inverter fed induction motor drive. The poor quality of voltage and current of a conventional inverter fed induction machine is due to the presence of harmonics and hence there is significant level of energy losses. To obtain high quality sinusoidal output voltage with reduced harmonics, SPWM control scheme(More)
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