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Levodopa-induced psychotic symptoms frequently complicate the management of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). We examined the efficacy and tolerability of a novel antipsychotic, remoxipride, in this population. This was a 7-week, open-label pilot evaluation of patients with moderate to severe PD and levodopa-induced psychotic symptoms of at least 2(More)
Intr We are reporting a rare case of a newborn baby diagnosed with an abdominal wall defect together with multiple congenital abnormalities. Mother delivered a dead male baby, diagnosed as gastroschisis. There were multiple defects seen as spinal deformity, imperforate anus, esophageal fistula and lower limb deformity (congenital talipes equinovarus) along(More)
CONTEXT Fractures of the clavicle usually occur at the junction of the medial two third with the lateral one third and usually heal by nonsurgical measures. Radiographs and MRI of the shoulder provide helpful investigations for diagnosis and treatment. In the following cases, an anterior-posterior view revealed non-union of the clavicle on the right side,(More)
Primary breast tuberculosis manifested as abscess is a rare entity. We are reporting a case of primary breast tuberculosis, which presented as breast abscess. Abscess was drained and tissue sent for histopathology. To our surprise, diagnosis came as breast tuberculosis. Aspiration cytology was not done, as it is not a routine test for abscess cases. Patient(More)
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