Shashi S. Pathak

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A Terasaki tray-based ELISA system was developed for the quantitative measurement of antigen-specific and total IgE antibodies in 5 microliter samples of mouse serum dilutions. The assay was based upon non-competitive binding of mouse IgE antibodies between the immobilized appropriate antigen or capture antibodies and the detecting rabbit antibodies. A(More)
Magnesium is electrochemically the most active metal employed in common structural alloys of iron and aluminum. Mg is widely used as a sacrificial anode to provide cathodic protection of underground and undersea metallic structures, ships, submarines, bridges, decks, aircraft and ground transportation systems. Following the same principle of utilizing Mg(More)
Magnesium-rich primers (MgRP) have generated great interest as a promising alternative to chromium-based primers for the protection of aluminum substrates but their performance during exterior exposure has not been well documented. This paper focuses on the evaluation of MgRP during natural weathering to gain insight into its mineralogical phase(More)
A simple Terasaki tray-based ELISA technique with a fluorescent detecting system has been used to determine the affinity of murine IgE antibodies. The system was shown to be sensitive enough to measure affinities in the range of 10(-6)-10(-10) M as well as detect IgE antibodies down to a limit of 0.1 ng/ml. The results, expressed as arbitrary fluorescence(More)
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