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— In this paper, we give an overview of spatial identification (determining position and velocity) of modulated backscatter UHF RFID tags using RF phase information. We describe three main techniques based on PDOA (Phase Difference of Arrival): TD (Time Domain), FD (Frequency Domain), and SD (Spatial Domain). The techniques are illustrated with modeling and(More)
— In this paper, we describe a novel passive RFID system capable of direct tag-to-tag communication in the presence of external radio frequency field. Tags talk by modulating the external field and thus backscattering the commands to each other. We present the system concept and show its hardware implementation based on TI MSP430 microcontroller. We also(More)
A wireless fuel quantity indication system (FQIS) has been developed using an RFID-enabled sensing platform. The system comprises a fully passive tag, modified reader protocol, capacitive fuel probe, and auxiliary antenna for additional energy harvesting. Results of fluid testing show sensitivity to changes in fluid height of less than 0.25in. An RF-DC(More)
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