Shashi Paul

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This paper represents the lowest growth temperature for silicon nano-wires (SiNWs) via a vapour-liquid-solid method, which has ever been reported in the literature. The nano-wires were grown using plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition technique at temperatures as low as 150°C using gallium as the catalyst. This study investigates the structure and the(More)
The work described in this paper focuses on the utilisation of silicon nanowires as the information storage element in flash-type memory devices. Silicon nanostructures have attracted attention due to interesting electrical and optical properties, and their potential integration into electronic devices. A detailed investigation of the suitability of silicon(More)
BACKGROUND Extrahepatic portal venous obstruction (EHPVO) is the most common cause of pediatric portal hypertension. We analyzed the investigative protocol and results of portosystemic shunts in this group of patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 40 consecutive children aged below 12 years operated with a diagnosis of extra-hepatic portal(More)
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