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A case of perianal donovanosis in a 15-year old boy, the 3rd to be reported from Punjab State, is presented. On admission the patient presented with beefy red granuloma with superficial ulcers with well-defined borders on the perianal area, perineum and groins, of 3 years duration. The lesions and biopsy contained donovan bodies. The patient was treated(More)
A case of melanotic neuroectodermal tumour occurring in a seven-month-old male infant is reported. The aetiopathogenesis, clinical features, treatment and prognosis of the condition are discussed. Tumours of the jaw in infancy are extremely rare, and pigmented tumours still rarer. One such case of pigmented tumour of the maxilla is the subject of this(More)
The effect of 21 amino acids was studied on glycogen accumulation during sporulation in the blue-green alga Anabaena sp. All the amino acids enhanced the initial level of glycogen on the 4th day. The maximum amount of glycogen, on the 20th day, was noticed from L-methionine, L-tyrosine, glycine, and L-histidine supplemented cultures. Others like L-serine,(More)
Glycogen accumulation in vegetative cells of Anabaena sp. is demonstrated to be a light-dependent process. No glycogen accumulation is found in dark or in cultures supplemented with 10(-5) M DCMU in light. Large quantities of glycogen accumulate in cells undergoing sporulation and the amount increased with the onset of maturation of spores.
A total of 150 strains of E. coli isolated from faecal samples of normal population (Group I), hospital personnel (Group II) and hospitalised patients (Group III) were studied for the transfer of R-plasmids. Auto-transferable R-plasmids were observed in 72.0, 82.0 and 80.0 per cent of groups I, II and III respectively. 77.0 per cent strains were typable. 04(More)