Shashankaditya Upadhyay

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The purpose of this study was to search for constant and reliable reference points on the computed tomographic scans of scoliotic spines to measure vertebral rotation. Several methods using different sets of reference points on computed tomographic scans were tested for reliability. Two methods that gave minimum variation between the readings are presented(More)
A detailed study of the effects of forward flexion in the spine on back shape is reported. ISIS and the Scoliometer were used to record angle of trunk inclinations (ATIs) in 13 patients with idiopathic scoliosis. Two standard positions were used: standing erect (for ISIS) and sitting forward bending (for the Scoliometer). In the lumbar region, a positional(More)
Effect of household processing on the in vitro bioavailability of iron in mungbean (Vigna radiata) Improvement of the nutritional quality of a traditional complementary porridge made of fermented yellow maize (Zea mays): Effect of maize–legume combinations and traditional processing methods Indicators of nutritional status Effect of iodine status and other(More)
We report the results of a new surgical procedure for spastic equinovarus deformity due to cerebral palsy. This is the transfer of the anterior half of the split tibialis posterior to the dorsum of the foot through the interosseous membrane. We performed the operation on 23 feet in 18 children. All patients were assessed before operation and at follow-up at(More)
Network theoretic approach has been used to model and study the flow of ecological information, growth and con-nectivity on landscape level of anemochory plant species Abied pindrow, Betula utilis and Taxus wallichiana in the Western Himalaya region. A network is formally defined and derived for seed dispersion model of aforementioned species where vertices(More)
Networks are widely used to represent interaction pattern among the components in complex systems. Structures of real networks from different domains may vary quite significantly. Since there is an interplay between network architecture and dynamics, structure plays an important role in communication and information spreading on a network. Here we(More)
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