Shashank Tyagi

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The success of pervasive computing depends on the ability to compose a multitude of networked applications dynamically in order to achieve user goals. However, applications from different providers are not able to interoperate due to incompatible interaction protocols or disparate data models. Instant messaging is a representative example of the current(More)
A novel online secondary path modeling scheme for active noise control (ANC) systems based on the Generalized Levinson Durbin (GLD) algorithm is proposed in this paper. A short duration zero mean white Gaussian noise is injected into the system using an active loudspeaker and the GLD algorithm is employed to recursively estimate the secondary path. The(More)
The term sudden cardiac death (SCD) pertains to an unexpected death from cardiac causes within a short time period and has been described throughout history. The aim of the study was to evaluate the data with respect to incidences, epidemiological aspects, impact of risk factors, estimate the survival time and cause of death in relation to sudden natural(More)
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