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Requirements are the basic entity which makes the project to be successfully implemented. In the development of the software, theses requirements must be measured accurately and correctly. The requirements of the end users may be changed with respect to different individual personality. As different requirements are given by different customers, all of them(More)
Software effort estimation is crucial task in software development life cycle. There are many model exists for estimating the software project effort like regression model, expert judgment, algorithmic and non-algorithmic. But, still software industries are lacking to have more accurate effort estimation method due to which they will lead to failure. In(More)
Gathering user requirement is one the most critical task in almost every project development. Complete requirements of the user cannot be perceived at a given point of time. The reason is that they evolve with time, mostly they are observed after the system deployment. This evolutionary nature of user's requirements poses difficulties in almost every phase(More)
Software effort estimation is primary requisite in software development life cycle. Most of the software projects failed due to inaccurate effort estimation. So, to overcome this shortcoming many techniques were introduced in past by various researchers. There are many techniques exists for estimating the software project effort such as learning oriented,(More)
Most of the organizations are still predicated on the client server paradigm. Major crack of these systems is inflexibility regarding to extension and habituating changes. As the IT developing, customer's demand changes dynamically. Therefore, the enterprise should have systems that are able to adapt new business scenarios. To fulfill this requisite,(More)
ACO is one of all-powerful meta-heuristics algorithms and some researchers have expressed the strength of some applications with the algorithm the evacuation route planning is the key aspect in case of fire disaster.Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) can be used in rescue planning. Altered ACO applied as the algorithm to demonstrate the potential path during(More)
A user always requires up-to date content from online sources. The content is not always satisfactory for the user as it does not provide the specific information required by user. It is tedious task for common user to get the desirable information from vast Internet. To overcome this type of problem, the user needed RSS technology for ease of access. RSS(More)
Inclusion of Agents in the domain of managing traffic and its real time demand of coordination and cooperation is proven quite promising. Agent oriented traffic coordination helps in improving traffic management and in achieving efficiency of vehicle movement. Today with rapid urbanization and increasing number of vehicles traffic congestion has emerged out(More)
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