Shashank Gaur

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This paper presents a demo of an extension developed to support an existing programming abstraction for IoT: mT-Res. mT-Res is an extension of the T-Res programming abstraction, which allows users to write applications using a web framework independent of resources. The paper describes an automated mechanism for allocate resources to such applications and(More)
  • Shashank Gaur
  • 2015
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are already enabling and enhancing a large number of pervasive computing applications in homes, offices, production facilities, and vehicles, just to name a few. Despite the tremendous evolution achieved in terms of robustness, reliability, maintenance costs, interoperability and other areas, WSN are still difficult to(More)
Support for multiple concurrent applications is an important enabler for promoting the use of sensor networks as an infrastructure technology, where multiple users can deploy their applications independently. In such a scenario, different applications on a node may transmit packets at distinct periods, causing the node to change from sleep to active state(More)
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