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As part of an ongoing standardization effort, we were asked to evaluate Marathi text input mechanisms on smartphones. We undertook a between-subject longitudinal evaluation of four existing keyboards with 153 novice users who participated for 31 sessions each, spread over 3--4 weeks. In this paper, we present the empirical results of the performance of(More)
We were asked to evaluate input mechanisms for touch-screen devices with the objective of standardising one of them for each of 14 major languages of India. For this purpose, we propose a protocol that consists of a 45-minute long training session, a 20-word first-time usability test, and a longitudinal test consisting of about 30 sessions, each of which(More)
Many users value the ability to have quick and frequent sight of their mobiles when in public settings. However, in doing so, they expose themselves to potential risks, ranging from being targets of robbery to the more subtle social losses through being seen to be rude or inattentive to those around them. In nature, some animals can blend into their(More)
Abstract—Square root is one of the fundamental arithmetic operations used in recent generation processors. In this paper, we present pipelined architecture to implement 8 bit fixed and floating point square root in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) using modified nonrestoring square root algorithm. This algorithm has been optimized by eliminating a(More)
Mainstream mobile interactions are focused around individual devices, with any collaboration happening via `the cloud'. We carried out design workshops with emergent users, revealing opportunities for novel collocated collaborative interactions. In this paper we present <i>Better Together</i> - a framework for disaggregating services, splitting interaction(More)
This paper presents the results of a within-subject longitudinal evaluation on Inscript keyboard, which is the national standard layout for Indian scripts. We studied the practical upper bound speed and accuracy as well as the effect of practice. Through longitudinal transcription task of 400 repeated attempts, we observed typing speeds for highly(More)
There are almost 100 million cell phone users in India [8], out of which very few cell phones support languages other than English. People who can hardly read English, use English as the default language in their cell phones. Almost every cell phone user from different age groups uses media player for various purposes. This case study describes challenges(More)
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