Shasha Wang

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Micromechanical resonators are promising replacements for quartz crystals for timing and frequency references owing to potential for compactness, integrability with CMOS fabrication processes, low cost, and low power consumption. To be used in high performance reference application, resonators should obtain a high quality factor. The limit of the quality(More)
Naive Bayes (NB) is one of the top 10 algorithms thanks to its simplicity, efficiency, and interpretability. To weaken its attribute independence assumption, naive Bayes tree (NBTree) has been proposed. NBTree is a hybrid algorithm, which deploys a naive Bayes classifier on each leaf node of the built decision tree and has demonstrated remarkable(More)
With the passage of time, the development of communication technology and transportation broke the isolation among people. Relationship tends to be complicated, pluralism, dynamism. In the network where interpersonal relationship and evolved complex net based on game theory work serve respectively as foundation architecture and theoretical model, with the(More)