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Micromechanical resonators are promising replacements for quartz crystals for timing and frequency references owing to potential for compactness, integrability with CMOS fabrication processes, low cost, and low power consumption. To be used in high performance reference application, resonators should obtain a high quality factor. The limit of the quality(More)
Naive Bayes (NB) is one of the top 10 algorithms thanks to its simplicity, efficiency, and interpretability. To weaken its attribute independence assumption, naive Bayes tree (NBTree) has been proposed. NBTree is a hybrid algorithm, which deploys a naive Bayes classifier on each leaf node of the built decision tree and has demonstrated remarkable(More)
Genic male sterility (GMS) has already been extensively utilized for hybrid rapeseed production. TE5A is a novel thermo-sensitive dominant GMS line in Brassica napus, however, its mechanisms of GMS remain largely unclear. Histological and Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analyses of anthers showed that the male gamete development of TE5A was arrested(More)
With the sharply increasing of mobile devices, the diversity of UI clearly brings challenges to UI developers, namely, how to efficiently develop user-friendly UI for different devices. Current study usually focuses on the model-based development approach which can help designers establish user interface models at the higher abstract level in order to(More)
Classification is an important task in data mining, while accurate class probability estimation is also desirable in real-world applications. Some probability-based classifiers, such as the k-nearest neighbor algorithm (KNN) and its variants, can estimate the class membership probabilities of the test instance. Unfortunately, a good classifier is not always(More)
Public sentiment reflects the people’s attitude to society and politics. Through a large amount of observation, we found that the trends of the development of many typical web public sentiments can be divided into three phases: relatively stable phase, rapidly increased phase and rapidly declined phase. The correct phase detection and prediction win(More)