Sharvari C. Tamane

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Insertion of a text message, audio data or/and an image into another image or 3D model is called as a watermarking process. Watermarking has variety of applications like: Copyright Protection, Owner Identification, Copy Protection and Data Hiding etc., depending upon the type of watermark insertion algorithm. Watermark remains in the content after applying(More)
3D model watermarking is a process of inserting data (like text, image, 3D model, audio etc.) into 3D model. Watermark remains in the 3D model even after applying various attacks. The technique proposed here is based on optimization, multi-resolution representation in wavelet domain, and DCT. In this method, the optimized parameter and the watermark(More)
These days' Big data is becoming a very essential component for the industries where large volume of data at very high speed is used to solve particular data problems. Generally, big data is first analyzed and then used with other available data in the company to make it more effective. Therefore, big data is never operated in isolation. There are a variety(More)
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