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How Benchmarking and Higher Education Came Together
The precise origin of the term benchmarking is unknown. However, it may have originated from the ancient Egyptian practice of using the surface of a workbench to make dimensional measurements of anExpand
Internal Benchmarking for Institutional Effectiveness
This chapter discusses the application of benchmarking processes within higher education institutions.
Effective alcohol, tobacco and other drug intervention and prevention using online game-based, e-learning: an evidence-informed program that works
BACKGROUND: The host of costly individual and societal consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) use underscores the importance of ATOD prevention education. "It's Up 2U" is anExpand
Finding the 'Start Line' with an Institutional Effectiveness Inventory 1 Professional File Association for Institutional Research Number 84 Summer, 2002 Enhancing Knowledge, Expanding Networks
It has been nearly a quarter of a century since assessment began as a way for a university to measure its positive impact on students. Instead of focusing on inputs and resources, assessment looksExpand
Deconstructing the Student Assessment of Instruction Instrument:
This paper demonstrates the application of common statistical methods to evaluate the dimensionality, reliability, generalizability, and potential biasing factors of the student assessment ofExpand
Comparison of Methods for Computation and Cumulation of Effect Sizes in Meta-Analysis
This study examined the statistical consequences of employing various methods of computing and cumulating effect sizes in meta-analysis. Six methods of computing effect size, and three techniques forExpand