Sharooz Sean Kelishadi

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BACKGROUND Abdominoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed in the United States. While poor contour and unsatisfactory cosmetic result have been recognized, neuropathic pain from lateral femoral cutaneous nerve injury has been poorly described. We aim to improve outcomes by using an anatomical study to develop a strategy to avoid(More)
Suction drainage with a Jackson-Pratt, Blake, or Hemovac drain is commonly employed for postoperative drainage of a variety of sites including the abdomen, pelvis, cutaneous tissue flaps, and skin grafts. 1-3 Some patients may express complaints of discomfort and pain around the skin at the tube's insertion site and/or where it is sutured in place. 4 There(More)
Breast reconstruction with implantable devices is now the most common type of technique utilized following mastectomy. Because infections are one of the most common complications for the procedure and currently no one method has been proven to stand above the rest, we designed and implemented a novel technique that employed 24 hours continuous(More)
OBJECTIVE Oral incompetence is a problem frequently experienced after free-flap reconstruction of the oral cavity for patients with oral carcinoma. We describe an interesting treatment modality to deal with this pathology. METHODS A 60-year-old woman diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of her oral floor was treated with chemoradiation with complete(More)
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