Sharon White

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BACKGROUND Patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures are increasingly being used in clinical practice to inform individual patient management, but evidence is needed on which PROs are best suited for clinical use. METHODS This controlled trial randomly assigned patients with breast and prostate cancer undergoing treatment to complete one of three PRO(More)
Incorporating evidence-based practice into the hospital setting has been a challenge but is needed to deliver quality healthcare. Interdisciplinary morbidity and mortality conferences are used to discuss perinatal and neonatal care issues with high-risk and low-frequency cases, such as fetal demise, maternal death, or identified areas for improvement. By(More)
In 2012, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation recommended that the National Immunisation Programme for influenza be extended to include healthy children/adolescents aged 2-17 years. In the UK, extension of this new immunisation programme began in 2013-2014 and targeted children aged 2 years and 3 years in primary care. Several implementation(More)
Team work is an important training element of future software engineers. However, the evaluation of the performance of collaboration among individuals is very subjective. Meanwhile, how to effectively promote the collaboration in an academic setting is an even more challenging task. The lack of a common standard or method for the assessment is a practical(More)
PURPOSE Our aim was to study how patients and their clinicians evaluated the usability of PatientViewpoint, a webtool designed to allow patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures to be used in clinical practice. METHODS As part of a two-round quality improvement study, breast and prostate cancer patients and their medical and radiation oncology clinicians(More)
With the rapid progress of internet technology, more and more software projects adopt e-development to facilitate the software development process in a world-wide context. However, distributed software development activity itself is a complex orchestration. It involves many people working together without the barrier of time and space difference. Therefore,(More)
Software functionalities and behavior are accomplished by the cooperation of code artifacts. The understanding of this type of source code collaboration provides an important aid to the maintenance and evolution of legacy systems. However, the original collaboration design information is dispersed at the implementation level. The extraction of code(More)