Sharon Wallace Stark

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HIV/AIDS continues to increase among adults older than 50 years of age. Racial and ethnic minorities are still disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS. The misconception that older adults are not at high risk for acquiring HIV/AIDS stems from a false impression that older adults are not sexually active and do not participate in risky behaviors that could(More)
There are inconsistencies in the literature regarding the prevalence of cognitive impairment among individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS). The purpose of this study was to examine perceived cognitive impairment in secondary progressive and relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) and to examine the relationship between level of disability, age, and(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined alcoholism identification and interventions by internal medicine residents, determined the prevalence of alcoholism among indigent inpatients, and examined some variables related to alcoholism in this population. METHODS The alcohol abuse and dependence section of the Diagnostic Interview Schedule was administered to 197(More)
Elder abuse is a growing public health concern that affects elders regardless of residence, socioeconomic status, or geographic locale. Elder abuse includes acts of physical, psychological, verbal, and financial abuses as well as abandonment and neglect. Elder abuse has the potential to occur in multiple settings, whether in the home, rehabilitation(More)
Master's degree education that explores advanced practice nursing (APN) roles in multiple settings may increase APN roles and practice viability in ever-changing health care environments. This descriptive, comparative study investigated differences in role choices, role flexibility, and practice settings among master's prepared clinical nurse specialists(More)
National and ethnic diversities among and within groups of migrants present great challenges to health care, not only in Germany. Access to regular health care, in particular for relatively small migrant groups and new immigrants is sometimes difficult. In addition, specific cultural aspects and legal implications--such as the residence status--must be(More)
UNLABELLED Infection prevention is one of the main tasks of the Public Health authorities. Because of hundreds of travel associated infections imported by travellers every year and considering increasing travel activities to tropical countries, travel medicine and consultation on the correct prevention measures including vaccination is becoming more and(More)