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Intense physical exercise has been associated with reproductive dysfunction and menstrual cycles may be abnormal in a majority of women with a heavy training load. To determine whether training influenced pulsatile LH release, we measured LH pulse frequency, LH pulse amplitude and area under the curve over six hours during the early follicular phase of the(More)
To investigate whether endurance running in men produced basal hormonal changes similar to those reported in women, we obtained blood samples from 31 men running at least 64 km each week and 18 sedentary controls for measurement of levels of total testosterone, non-sex hormone-binding globulin-bound and free testosterone, luteinizing hormone,(More)
The self-organization of biological systems is, in part, described by dynamical order and cooperativity of system elements. Consideration of this, therefore, should form the infrastructure of future Exercise/Sport Biochemistry Research in Canada since a solely elemental focus, in its' interpretation, may not be meaningful if the synergy among system(More)
BACKGROUND The childbirth experience is multidimensional, and therefore difficult to describe and explain. Studies of it have produced inconsistent findings, and the phenomenon is often confused with satisfaction with the care provided. This study aimed to clarify different aspects of the birth experience, and to identify factors that could explain the(More)
Recent evidence suggests that the biologically active testosterone includes both the free and albumin-bound fractions, while the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)-bound steroid dissociates less readily. To examine the significance of the non-SHBG-bound testosterone (i.e. free plus albumin bound) in hyperandrogenism, we obtained single blood samples from(More)
Endurance exercise has been associated with reproductive dysfunction. We have previously suggested that pulsatile release of luteinizing hormone is impaired at rest in normal menstruating runners compared with sedentary women. To determine whether acute exercise had any effect on pulsatile release of luteinizing hormone we investigated serum luteinizing(More)
The development of effective strategies against cervical cancer in Africa requires accurate type specific data on human papillomavirus (HPV) prevalence, including determination of DNA sequences in order to maximise local vaccine efficacy. We have investigated cervical HPV infection and squamous intraepithelial lesions (SIL) in an unselected cohort of 1061(More)
Circulating testosterone levels have generally been reported to increase during short term, intense running or bicycle ergometer exercise. Swimming differs from such activity because of the strenuous arm activity and because it is conducted in a liquid medium in the horizontal position with the weight totally supported. To investigate whether such(More)
To investigate if changes in circulating testosterone levels during isokinetic resistance exercise in women were similar to those during intense aerobic exercise and to examine concomitant changes in hemoconcentration, specific binding protein (sex hormone binding globulin-binding capacity), non-sex hormone binding globulin bound testosterone, luteinizing(More)
There are fundamental clinical implications around assessment and evaluation of pain as well as management strategies for pain that have the potential of impacting and improving client outcomes. It is these principles that have been used to develop a training module on pain and dementia with widespread application to a range of settings. This study serves(More)