Sharon W. Tam

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The importance of exudate management for maintaining local moisture balance and avoiding maceration in the chronic wound environment is well established. The authors performed the initial clinical testing of a novel wound management system, Sepaderm (Aalnex, Inc, Irvine, California), designed to vertically wick and sequester excess exudate away from(More)
In this work, we propose a framework that automatically discovers dialect-specific phonetic rules. These rules characterize when certain phonetic or acoustic transformations occur across dialects. To explicitly characterize these dialect-specific rules, we adapt the conventional hidden Markov model to handle insertion and deletion transformations. The(More)
In this paper we present our task-based evaluation of query biased summarization for cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) using relevance prediction. We describe our 13 summarization methods each from one of four summarization strategies. We show how well our methods perform using Farsi text from the CLEF 2008 shared-task, which we translated to(More)
Recent preliminary studies have shown Sepaderm® to be well tolerated and useful for the treatment of chronic, lower-extremity ulcerations, burn wounds, surgical excisions, chronic abdominal ulcers of hematoma origin, and chronic pressure ulcers. To confirm these initial findings, 18 cases of venous leg ulcers were treated with Sepaderm in conjunction with(More)
The following case series includes a surgical excision, a burn wound, and a chronic venous ulcer that were successfully treated with Sepaderm®, a new wound management system. Sepaderm was chosen for its ease of use and its ability to remove excess exudate from the wound bed. The system also limits exudate leakage onto periwound tissue and protects(More)
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