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One of the most rapidly growing areas of physics and nanotechnology focuses on plasmonic effects on the nanometre scale, with possible applications ranging from sensing and biomedicine to imaging and information technology. However, the full development of nanoplasmonics is hindered by the lack of devices that can generate coherent plasmonic fields. It has(More)
at PG&E for program management and technical assistance effort • California Institute for Energy and the Environment for their assistance with the contract • Dan Hennage and Padmaja Pradhan (Akuacom) for development of the DR Automation Server System This project could not have been completed without extensive assistance from building owners, facility(More)
63 Methods Wild radish experiments. We used R. raphanistrum seeds from a second generation of untreated greenhouse-grown plants. We germinated about 10 seeds from each of 13 maternal families in a greenhouse. At the four-leaf stage, each plant was randomly assigned to one of the two treatments (3±5 plants per treatment per family). The caterpillar herbivory(More)
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